Maximise the value of your greatest investment and style your house for sale

Join the growing number of homeowners who are seeing better results and style your house for sale.

Why Home Staging?

Styling your house for sale is an affordable and effective marketing tactic that is swiftly growing in popularity, right around the world.

You’ll often hear real estate agents talk about the importance of making a strong first impression. In the current real estate market that first impression is now mostly made online. Did you know that 97% of house hunters now view homes on the internet? In the swipe left, swipe right culture, you need to get your home ready to make a positive impact.

While the market is moving at a fast pace, wise home owners and investors who Stage their home, are achieving a higher sell price, due to the increased number of passionate buyers, who like what they see. Rather than an empty or uninviting dwelling that a buyer cant visualise the room sizes.

The Stats

American National Association of Realtors claims that home staged properties sell for on average 17% more than homes that aren’t and 87% faster.

What we do

We’ll take a fresh look at your home and create an environment that entices prospective buyers in an increasingly competitive market.

The secret to good Home Staging is to create a space that is neutral, allowing prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Using our huge range of hire furniture and decor, we’ll dress your home in a way that emphasises it’s best features, whilst minimising the less attractive ones. Our team also include appliances where needed to complete the look of a kitchen or distract eyes from imperfections in a laundry.

Don’t try to sell an empty house

Listing an empty home can give a negative impression to house hunters. If you’re no longer living in the house you’re selling, we can provide full-house furnishings to give it that lived-in feeling. The modest investment in Home Staging is recuperated by achieving a higher price than a vacant uninviting home. .

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